terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009


the band is playing hope, my friend
and this is what the blues is all about
they're all buying new clothes (buying new clothes)
they're all expecting for the man in town

the kings and you without a dime
Dustin Hoffman and even Cassius Clay
they're all claping hands in the same time
celebrating these brand new days

Aretha with her microphone sings
the suffering from the cotton fields
crowd and history walking together
and I don't know, friend, if I will

No. I don't know, friend, if I will.

I saw, you swore by the bible
for america and other countries too
now I'm asking to the priests downtown
- please, father, tell me what would Jesus do?

and you said that the floor below us
is changing - we gotta be tough.
hope you have the reason, lord
cause we're just passing trough

sometimes we need a bit of happiness
or an alibi to claim for change
then we can go back to bed at night
and try to sleep once again

trying to sleep once again
trying to sleep once again.